Tuesday, August 02, 2005

We hired a Nanny

We hired a nanny. She started full time today. She's been working for us on an as needed basis for the last month. She's been coming over once a week to clean. We had her over on occation to watch the kids. But its been really sporadic.

Having her start full time just feels strange, but in a good way. She spent the day with the kids. They went up to the park to play and took the dogs with them. They seem to really enjoy having her around. She also managed to make homemade burritos for everyone for lunch. Anna came down to my office and took my "lunch order" on a post-it note! Then she made bannana bread. And for dinner she made homemade lasagna. Oh yeah, she also placed a grocery order on safeway.com. She planned a menu for the whole week. And she called several carpet cleaners to get some quotes. And when she left, the place was tidy and the kitchen was clean, the laundry was put away, and I was happy and felt less stressed than I normally do.

Even in just one day, I can see the positive effect this will have on all of our lives. The kids won't be bored as much. We're going to eat homemade meals and healthier instead of eating at fast food and/or restaurants 5 or 6 nights a week. Rachele and I will feel less stressed with household things and we'll be able to spend our free time with the kids instead of doing chores. There will be some structure added to the kids lives. With Rachele starting her new job, its really a good time for us to be doing this.

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