Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Busy day

Whew... sure was a busy day. Had three different deck builders come out and meet with me. The first guy was total white trash, all of his front teeth we even missing. I don't think he really knows what he is doing. And his quote was so low, I don't think he could buy the materials for that price.

The second guy seemed to know what he was doing, and I liked him well enough. But after we were done, he told me about his $45 consultation charge. He never told me about that when I spoke on the phone and made an appointment. Paid him and sent him on his way. He's getting back to me with a quote.

I really liked the 3rd guy. He really seems to know what he's doing. Sounds like he has lots of experience building highend decks. Even had one in architectural digest. Not sure how expensive he'll be though. He's going to send pictures and an estimate. He didn't charge for his time and spent 1.5 hours with me, talking about patio design, hot tubs, and other things as well as deck design. I just hope he doesn't come back with a $20K or more proposal.

I took some pictures of the backyard progress today, but haven't downloaded them from the camera yet. Maybe I'll get to that later tonight.

Got busy again with my contract work. Several defects needed my immediate attention. Had to fit in work around all my landscaping/decking appointments. Bummer.

Becky worked today and completed billing. Nice to have that done. She also took care of shipping several things that needed to get sent off. She's only going to be working one day per week now except for the week she does billing. She'll then work an extra day. I'm going to move some of her tasks to Judy once Judy gets settled in and can take on additional work. Having Judy take care of the kids needs is most important for now.

Didn't make it to the DMV again. Really need to do that. On the 4th, my license will have been expired for 2 months. Argh! Maybe I can fit it in tomorrow.

Missed my soccer game tonight because I met with the deck guy for so long. Danya might not be too happy with me. But it let me spend some time with Julzy. Gotta go give her a bath now, she got absolutely filthy playing outside in the dirt when I was talking with the deck guy.

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