Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Landscape project

I can't believe how quickly the backyard is starting to take shape. Its been only about 10 days and already the retaining walls are done, with the upper area cut out to fill the lower area. These guys work fast. Some of the forms for the concrete are now in place as well, but I had to tell the concrete guy to hold off on finishing it until I had some more details about the deck.

Over the weekend, I hired a landscape designer to come out and take a look and brainstorm with me. I figured it was worth a couple hundred bucks to try to find a solution to the deck problem I was having. I just couldn't figure out how the decks should be designed. It wasn't so much the decks themselves, but where the steps should go to access the patio level from the deck level. And where the support posts will go. It was money well spent since she came up with a brilliant plan. Her idea for where the steps should go really work well and also provide me with storage space underneath them.

But she also told me that I have to get a deck guy out to plan exactly where the steps will land before my concrete guys pour. So now I've lined up several deck guys to come out and give me estimates over the next couple days. The concrete guys want to pour on Saturday, so I hope I can get this all figured out by then.

So much to think about with this project. Retaining walls, patios, decks, dog run, playground, grassy areas, irrigation, lighting, sound, security cameras... I just know I'm going to forget something and regret it.

I never did take a before picture. Dangit. I should probably take a shot of the progress tomorrow. Maybe I can even post it here and figure out how to include pictures!

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