Friday, July 28, 2006

Choosing a web application framework

I really need to find a good web app framework. Something that doesn't force me to do lots of extra stuff, configuration, and so forth. Something that is easy and quick to get up to speed in and that I don't have to jump through hoops to get working. And, something that has strong AJAX support.

Well, I'm finding this holy grail is either hard to find, or doesn't yet exist. I haven't tried out any platforms yet, still just researching, so I could be wrong. But from the googling I've done, nobody seems to be able to agree on any given framework. They each have pluses and minuses. At the moment, I'm seriously considering changing to Ruby after years of Java.

I've built lots of custom DHTML widgets in the past, and it was refreshing to look through the ZK Demos. I just may use this toolkit in the future.

Following are several resources I found useful, in no particular order of preference:

OnJava - What Web Application Framework should you use?

Raible Designs - Response to OnJava article
Stripes - Java Web App Framework
Click - Examples of Click Framework

ThinWire - AJAX Framework
Try Ruby - Interactive Ruby Demo

TheServerSide - Discussion of AJAX products
ZK - AJAX Framework
Quick Tour of Ruby
Roundup of 30 AJAX tutorials

CrazyBob - Discussion of Google Web Toolkit (GWT) vs. JSF
AJAX Patterns
JBoss Seam - Web 2.0 Application Framework

What is going to replace Struts in an AJAX world?

I'll post more resources as I find them...

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Unknown said...

Hi, I'm the lead developer on the ThinWire project. I'm just curious what are some of the negatives you found with ThinWire that prevent it from meeting your needs? Not that I'm claiming ThinWire is perfect by any means. I'm just interested in hearing what other people think is lacking.


-Joshua Gertzen